Macsolar Inverter Maintenance, Monitoring, Servicing and Repairs

Background on Macsolar inverters

Most Macsolar inverters were installed in Australia between 2011 and 2013. They were manufactured in China and their range included:

  • Macsol-TL 1.5k-5K
  • MCS2-TL 1.5K-2K
  • MCS-TL 10-20K

Macsolar inverters came with a 5-year parts warranty.


Known faults with Macsolar inverters

If your Macsolar inverter is displaying a ‘Communication Error’, resetting the unit may help. Refer to our shutdown instructions for help.

Another common issue with Macsolar inverters is the relay fault, displayed as ‘Error 19‘.

Fault codes for Macsolar inverters are displayed as a series of numbers at the bottom of your screen. To match the code with the fault, refer to the relevant Macsolar user manual for your particular model:


What support is available for warranty claims?

In the event your unit requires repairs, even if it’s under warranty, there is no longer an Australian-based Macsolar entity responsible for providing after-market support. However, if you book an inverter health check with Service My Solar, we will attempt to identify and repair any internal faults.


What if my inverter is beyond repair?

If your inverter cannot be repaired, you may need to consider purchasing a new unit. Service My Solar has 1.5kW models available. We will bring a replacement inverter along with us when we come to conduct your health check. If necessary, we can install a brand new inverter that same day, saving you multiple call out fees and ensuring your system is up and running sooner.


Contact Service My Solar today

If you’ve tried resetting your unit and it still isn’t working properly, give us a call on 1300 496 278 to arrange your inverter health check. We’ll send one of our qualified service representatives to your home to inspect and repair your system as soon as possible.

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