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Solar power systems require regular solar maintenance and servicing to ensure they last a lifetime. We recommend servicing your solar power system at least once a year.

solar maintenance is simple, inexpensive and you won’t even need to be at home. Most service jobs are completed in less than two hours.


Why solar maintenance and servicing is essential:

  • Guarantees that your system is producing as much clean energy as possible
  • Safeguards against future mechanical problems
  • Provides a complete and comprehensive inspection of wiring integrity, circuit breakers and junction boxes – UV rays, heat and vermin can all damage these components
  • Includes a detailed clean of panels and inverters, removing dust, droppings, moss and other debris that can affect electrical components


How much does solar power service cost?

Solar power maintenance is inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of fixing and replacing major components. Plus, annual servicing helps ensure your panels and inverter are working efficiently and saving you money on electricity bills. Prices can vary depending on your location – please contact us to enquire.


Why Choose Service My Solar?

Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to help you get the best out of your investment. When choosing Service My Solar, you can trust that we’ll always put safety and thoroughness first. We operate Australia-wide (excluding NT), plus we’re Clean Energy Council accredited, and our qualified electricians are specially trained to perform servicing, system checks and cleaning on all brands and components.


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    *Preventative Maintenance Terms and Conditions. 1. Prices are valid for single-storey systems located within 50 km of the nearest Service My Solar branch, or at management’s discretion. 2. Prices exclude access equipment or additional fall prevention systems that may be required to service systems installed on multi-storey sites / and or sites which need unusual access requirements. Double-storey installations incur additional fees. 3. Any defects not covered by warranty will be reported to customers, itemised and quoted to customer prior to undertaking corrective works. 4. System compliance will be assessed and reported to the customer with respect standards applicable at the time of installation. QLD: BSA Lic Number 1209577 / 1228518 ACT: ACT LIC 20111150 ACN 132 725 501 ACT LIC 2010171 ACN 136 092 405 WA: EC10367 NSW: Lic no 221565C