Aero-Sharp inverter repairs and service

Background on Aero-Sharp inverters

Since 2008, many Australian homeowners have installed Aero-Sharp inverters. In that time, however, the business has ceased operations.

They produced transformer-based inverters in four different sizes including:

  • 1 kW
  • 1.5 kW
  • 2 kW
  • 3 kW

Although many Aero-Sharp inverters had a 5-year warranty period, some were sold with an additional 5 year’s worth of cover. However, it is fairly unlikely that these units with the extra warranty period will be valid now that Aero-Sharp are no longer in business.


Aero-Sharp inverter faults

Grid Volt Error: When an internal AC fuse blows, this fault can happen. We will replace this fuse as part of our inverter health check.

Ground Fault: If water enters your solar installation, it can cause a ground fault. We can identify and resolve this kind of fault during a solar maintenance service.

System Error: This type of inverter fault is generally irreparable. Therefore, it is likely you will need a replacement unit.


So what should I do about my faulty Aero-Sharp inverter?

A faulty inverter can easily be resolved when you contact Service My Solar and arrange a solar health check. During our visit we will identify and investigate faults, replace blown fuses and conduct repairs.

In the event your inverter is beyond repair, we always carry replacement inverters which we can install during the same visit. Since the Aero-Sharp unit is a transformer-based inverter, we recommend replacing it with a similar system such as the Fronius Galvo inverter. It uses a similar earthing system to the Aero-Sharp.

If you decide on a different transformer-less type of inverter, you’ll be facing significant additional labour fees, as you will have to add earthing to your existing solar panel array, and bring the entire array up to spec. At the end of the process, a premium Galvo inverter may prove to be the most cost effective option.


Let us take a look

If you’d like one of our experienced technicians to carry out a full inspection of your unit as part of an inverter health check, please give us a call on 1300 496 278 or contact us online to arrange an appointment today.

Alternatively, you can request a service online, by filling out the enquiry form below.


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