Servicing, Repairs and Replacement For Solar King SLK Inverters

About The Solar King SLK Inverter Range

The Solar King SLK inverter range has been installed in thousands of Australian homes and businesses across Australia. The range features models with varying outputs from 1750kW to 6500kW as well as features such as anti-islanding detection and firmware flash capability. The inverters are manufactured by Powercom (PCM) – a Taiwanese-based company. The Solar King SLK models most commonly sold in Australia include:

  • SLK-1500
  • SLK-2000
  • SLK-3000
  • SLK-4000
  • SLK-5000


Solar King SLK Inverter Common Faults

Solar King inverters are a generally reliable unit, though there are a number of issues that customers report which vary in severity. Simple faults that are usually repaired easily include broken fuses as well as minor problems with the inverter’s isolation function.

Meanwhile, costlier and more time-consuming problems include earthing faults, which (depending on the size of the system), can become a major job to repair. Water leaking into installation wiring, such as the isolator boxes on the roof, can also cause extensive damage and result in an expensive repair bill.

Known faults in Solar King SLK inverters are:


Solar King SLK Inverter Warranty Claims

Though the Solar King SLK range comes with a five-year warranty, PCM do not have a presence in Australia. This means that if your solar retailer is no longer operating you have limited options for making a warranty claim. Service My Solar can assist you with contacting the manufacturer and to make a warranty claim, but you will need to cover the costs of international freight (for sending your inverter overseas) and two site attendances. Adding to this, there will be a 10 week wait time for the repair to be completed – during which time you will be without solar energy for your property.

The price of all this is on-par or just marginally lower than replacing the inverter with a new unit.

As another option, Service My Solar can conduct repairs on your Solar King inverter where applicable – this will void your warranty if you still have one.


Solar King SLK Inverter Repair Costs

Repairable faults:

  • No Utility, Grid Fault – this can be a fuse and therefore repairable
  • No Utility, Grid Fault – may also be attributed to a power surge or black out
  • Ground Fault – sometimes attributed to the panel earthing, inspection and quote required
  • Isolation Fault – may be attributed to water damage, inspection and quote required

Most other faults will require a full replacement. To save time and money, when inspecting your inverter Service My Solar can bring along an upgrade option to your site in the case where a new inverter is recommended.


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