Ref 2.5V fault – Solar King SLK inverter

What is a ‘Ref 2.5V’ fault?

Your Solar King SLK inverter may display a ‘Ref 2.5V’ error code if there is humidity in the main board. The fault might only appear intermittently, when the board is moist, and then disappear once it is dry. However, once the fault becomes constant, the inverter can no longer be repaired, and requires replacing.


Is a ‘Ref 2.5V’ fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Most SLK inverters installed in Australia were purchased before 2012, which means their 5-year warranty is now expired. Check whether or not your unit is still covered by warranty.

If it is still under warranty, you can have it repaired, but you will need to cover the cost of getting it fixed overseas and shipped back to Australia.

If it is no longer covered by warranty, or if the repair costs are too high, we can swap it for a new one. Simply book a health check with Service My Solar.

Unfortunately, household insurance policies don’t usually cover this type of faults.


How do I fix a ‘Ref 2.5V’ fault?

If the ‘Ref 2.5V’ error code is constantly showing, it means that your inverter cannot be fixed and requires replacing. Arrange an appointment with Service My Solar and we’ll get your system back on track.

Our accredited electricians will run an inverter health check to determine the origin of the problem and exchange your faulty inverter with an appropriate replacement unit.

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