Carbon Management Solutions (CMS) inverter service and repairs

We service and repair CMS inverters!

If you’re experiencing problems with your CMS inverter, or it’s time to get it serviced, you only need to make one call.

Service My Solar is your one-stop shop for CMS inverter servicing and repairs. We guarantee honest advice and quality workmanship so that you can get back to enjoying solar power sooner.


CMS inverter models we service:

  • CMS-1500SS
  • CMS-3000SS
  • CMS-5000SS
  • CMS-10000SS

Can’t find your inverter here? Get in touch with our friendly service team and we’ll let you know how we can help.


Quality repairs, competitive price

Modern CMS solar inverters are a complicated piece of equipment and so it’s essential that they are repaired properly.

At Service My Solar, we use a thorough CMS inverter service procedure to ensure your inverter is repaired quickly, correctly and in the most cost-effective way.

In most cases, after our specially-trained technicians visit your property and inspect your inverter, they will source replacement parts from the manufacturer, repair the faulty parts themselves or recommend a new system.

In any situation, we’ll put your inverter through a number of performance and safety tests before it’s signed off and returned to duty in your home.

While strict safety and labour standards keep the quality of our repairs high, Service My Solar’s national coverage and strong manufacturer relationships keep prices down.


Has your CMS inverter stopped working?

Given that CMS have gone into voluntary administration, it is unlikely that your warranty will still be valid. If you manage to get in contact with your original solar installer, they might be in a position to help you. This kind of approach to CMS inverter repairs generally entails:

  1. Paying for a licenced electrician to disconnect the unit.
  2. Sending the inverter to a (potentially interstate) warehouse, at your own cost.
  3. Covering all the costs associated with repairing the inverter. These will depend on the nature of the faults.
  4. Covering the cost of having the inverter shipped back to your home.
  5. Paying for a licenced electrician to re-install the inverter.

If you add up all of these costs and the expenses associated with not running your inverter while it’s in for repairs it is likely to be a just little less than the cost of a whole new inverter. Plus, if further faults occur, you’re still left without a warranty.


How Service My Solar can help

We service and repair a huge range of systems, including CMS inverters. To get started, give us a call to arrange an inverter health check, where we will:

  1. Inspect your inverter for faults.
  2. Try and fix the unit. (Scroll down for a list of common repairable faults.)
  3. In the event that your inverter cannot be fixed, we’ll bring a brand new replacement inverter with us. By installing it on the spot you’ll save time and money. Affordable replacement options are available – please call for a quote.


Checking for faults in your CMS solar inverter

Check that the power light on your CMS inverter is on. Check whether the fault light is off. If the fault light is on, a fault code will appear on the display. This code tells us whether we can fix your unit or not.

If your power and fault lights appear normal, but you’re still worried your inverter might not be functioning properly, the next step is to monitor your inverter’s yield. (See page 21 of your CMS inverter user manual for the screen sequence.)


Monitoring your CMS inverter’s yield

  1. Press the function button to scroll to “Energy= {1234}kW”.
  2. Make a note of this number then repeat the same process at the same time the next day. If the number isn’t increasing, you may have a problem with your panels or the inverter. We suggest you contact us straight away to book a health check.
  3. If your yield is increasing but not at the rate you think it should, then let us know so we can compare it with a similar sized inverter in the same state, on our data monitoring network. If you’d like to join our data monitoring network, get a smart meter fitted to your system. Some models can be the first step towards your system becoming battery-ready.


Common CMS inverter faults

During your inverter health check our technician will check whether any of these common CMS inverter faults are present and whether your inverter can be fixed.

  • Isolation faults: These faults can happen when water enters the wiring installation. If the installation is found to be fine, then it’s likely you’ll need a new inverter.
  • Grid faults: These faults can happen when the voltage to your inverter is too high or too low. If the grid isn’t causing the problem, then you’ll probably need to replace your inverter.
  • No Utility faults: These faults can happen when the solar supply main switch in the meter box trips off. If it continues when the isolators are switched on, then it’s likely the inverter will need replacing.

Most other faults will require your CMS inverter to be replaced with a new system.


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