d-21 fault – Sharp JH1600E inverter

What is a d-21 fault?

A d-21 fault is an internal error due to an external event, such as a lightning strike or a power surge on the grid, altering the voltage of the electricity entering or exiting the inverter.


Is a d-21 fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

A d-21 fault cannot be claimed under Sharp’s manufacturer warranty, but it might be covered by your household insurance policy. Please check with your insurer.

If your Sharp JH1600 inverter was installed by Origin Energy, contact them to see if they can assist, but remember the process can be lengthy.


How do I fix a d-21 fault?

Before taking action to get your Sharp JH1600 fixed or replaced, you can try performing an inverter reset to make sure that the error message isn’t just a glitch and that the fault is in fact terminal.

There is an option to send your inverter back to Sharp for a service (we can assist with the process), but we find that it usually works out more costly for you. As Sharp doesn’t generally cover d-21 faults, most customers end up paying for the repairs fees. Besides, sending your unit to Sharp and waiting for them to fix it and send it back takes approximately a month, which represents substantial solar power losses.

It makes more financial sense to simply purchase a new inverter. The Fronius Galvo 1.5 makes a great replacement for a Sharp JH1600. It is of a similar size and carries a good warranty. Should you wish to file a home insurance claim, Service My Solar can help you.

It is also worth considering upgrading to a bigger inverter in order to increase your system’s yield. Service My Solar can advise you based on the amount of energy your existing inverter generates and the amount you want your new solar PV system to produce.

To get your inverter replaced and for a system health check, call Service My Solar on 1300 496 278 or contact us online and book a service.


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