Relay Failure – Orion inverter

What is a Relay Failure?

A relay failure message is displayed when a component inside your Orion has failed. Your inverter can’t work without it, so it stops generating energy.

To verify the origin of the problem, get your system checked by a Service My Solar technician. If the fault is permanent, your inverter will require replacing. Our electricians will bring a compatible replacement unit with them in case they need to swap your faulty inverter for a new one. This is to prevent you from spending more time and money on a second visit.


Is a Relay Failure covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Chances are your Orion inverter is now out of warranty, so you won’t be able to claim its replacement under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Nevertheless, depending on your household insurer and policy, you might be able to claim your Orion inverter’s repair or replacement costs under home insurance. To make sure they cover relay failures, get in touch with your insurance provider. If you would like assistance to file a claim, reach out to Service My Solar.


How do I fix a Relay Failure?

Contact Service My Solar to arrange an inverter health check. Our specialists will inspect your system and establish if the relay failure is terminal. In the event your inverter needs to be replaced, Growatt, Zeverlution or Fronius Galvo 2 are excellent replacement models for Orion inverters.

Fix your Orion inverter relay failure by calling Service My Solar on 1300 496 278 or completing our online form.


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