Isolation Fault – Orion inverter

What is an Isolation Fault?

If your Orion inverter displays an Isolation Fault, it means there is a problem with your solar panels’ isolation. If the error message only appears after it has rained, water must be causing the fault. If it is always showing, whether it’s humid or not, the system needs to be inspected by a professional.

When you schedule a solar health check with Service My Solar, our specialists will check your system for water and test your isolators. If the fault isn’t repairable, they will offer same-day replacing to avoid additional call-out fees.


Is an Isolation Fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Your Orion inverter is unlikely to still be under warranty. However, depending on your household insurance policy, its replacement might be claimable. For help with your home insurance claim, contact Service My Solar.


How do I fix an Isolation Fault?

>Arrange an inverter check with Service My Solar, and our solar experts will identify the cause of the fault and fix it if it can be (if the installation requires alterations, additional fees may apply). If your inverter is deemed unrepairable, they will offer you a replacement unit. We recommend swaping your faulty Orion inverter with a Growatt, Zeverlution or Fronius Galvo 2.

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