DC INJ High fault – Orion inverter

What is a DC INJ High fault?

A DC INJ High fault is displayed when the DC voltage going through your Orion inverter is too high. When this happens, your inverter automatically shuts down as a precaution.

To find out what’s wrong with your inverter and whether the fault is repairable, contact Service My Solar and we’ll have one of our accredited electricians to visit your home and diagnose your system.

If your Orion inverter’s DC INJ High fault cannot be fixed, we will provide a replacement option.


Is a DC INJ High fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

DC INJ High faults in Orion inverters aren’t generally covered by insurance, and are usually no longer warrantable. Consequently, if your Orion inverter needs replacing, we will offer suggestions of equivalent inverter models.


How do I fix a DC INJ High fault?

Contact Service My Solar to organise an inspection of your solar PV system, during which our team will investigate the issue and resolve it. In case the fault is fatal, we’ll bring a replacement unit with us and make the change in the one visit. Growatt, Zeverlution and Fronius Galvo 2 are all suitable models to replace Orion inverters.

Contact Service My Solar on 1300 496 278 or online to get your solar power system back up and running.


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