Communication Error – Macsolar inverter

What is a Communication Error?

A Communication Error might clear itself out by performing a manual inverter shutdown. If resetting your inverter doesn’t fix the problem, it will require replacing.


Is a Communication Error covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Whether your Macsolar inverter is still under warranty or not, you will unfortunately need to pay for it to be replaced, as labour costs are not covered by the manufacturer warranty and you will need to book a site visit to have your unit checked and replaced if need be. Regrettably, household insurers don’t cover that type of faults.


How do I fix a Communication Error?

If shutting your inverter down didn’t clear the Communication Error message, give Service My Solar a call to schedule a health check and get one of our technicians to swap your old unit for a new one.

As neither the manufacturer warranty nor the home insurance will cover the costs of parts or labour, expect to pay for the visit as well as the new inverter.

You may wish to take this opportunity to upgrade your solar PV system for even bigger savings.

Contact us on 1300 496 278 to discuss your options with one of our solar consultants and to book a service or fill out the form below to get in touch.


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