Flashing 50% light – Latronics inverter

What does a flashing 50% light mean?

Unless coupled with a solid 25% light, which simply indicates that the inverter is about to reach 50% of production, and does not constitute a fault, a flashing 50% light usually suggests that the grid is out of range.

However, even with all other lights off, a flashing 50% light can mean different things:

  • If the 50% light only flashes intermittently, it is possible that the main power grid is suffering voltage problems.
  • If the flashing of the 50% light is constant, there could be a problem with the isolator, or the solar supply main switch located in the meter box may be turned off.
  • Finally, if none of the above is verified, your inverter is likely due for replacement.


Is a flashing 50% light fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Regardless of when you purchased your Latronics inverter and the length of the warranty that came with it (3 years for most, 5 years for some, and 1 year for refurbished units), it would now be out of warranty, as these inverters stopped being installed in 2011.

Based on your household insurer and policy, your home insurance might cover part of your inverter’s replacement charges. Service My Solar can help make a claim.


How do I fix a flashing 50% light fault?

There are two Latronics inverter model sizes: 1.2 kW and 2.5 kW.

If your current model is a 1.2 kW, chances are you are on a high feed-in tariff, so you may choose to swap your faulty unit for a similar 1.2 kW Latronics inverter, refurbished or new, in order to conserve your existing FiT.

If you possess a 2.5 kW model, a good replacement for it is the 2.5 kW Fronius Galvo. Unfortunately, because of the way they are wired, replacing a Latronics with a Fronius Galvo requires rewiring your system entirely, which adds significant labour costs to the price of the inverter. Consequently, it may make more financial sense to replace the whole PV system, panels included, with a brand new one.

Ring Service My Solar on 1300 496 278 to discuss your options with a specialist or contact us online.


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