Growatt Inverter Fault – Error 117

Do I have an Error 117 fault?

The Error 117 code is a known issue with Growatt inverters and indicates a relay issue.

You know you have an error 117 fault when the “Error 117” message is displayed on your inverter’s screen, the red fault light is on, and your system isn’t producing any power.

How do I fix it?

An Error 117 isn’t dangerous, but it is costly. Whilst your inverter is faulty, you aren’t taking advantage of your solar power system. You can try to perform a reset by following our shutdown procedure, but the only permanent remedy to an Error 117 fault is to replace the unit.

How do I replace my Growatt inverter?

The standard warranty period on Growatt inverters is 5 years. Consequently, if your inverter was purchased less than five years ago and shows an Error 117 fault code, its replacement will be covered by your warranty.

You will need to attach the following items to your warranty claim:

  • A proof of purchase such as a receipt or a Certificate of Compliance;
  • A photograph of the sticker located on the side of the inverter, showing the unit model and its serial numbers;
  • A photograph of the screen showing the error message displayed.
  • You will also need to pay for a solar expert to come to your property, remove your faulty inverter and install the replacement one (this won’t be covered by warranty).

    What if my inverter is out of warranty?

    If your unit is no longer under warranty, it might be worth looking at newer models. Quite often, upgrading your system works out cheaper than replacing your old unit. Plus, you get the benefits of getting the most up-to-date technology and a brand new warranty. Our experts can help you choose the best replacement for your solar system.

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