W001 – Sun Low Fault – Aurora Inverter

What is a W001 – Sun Low fault?

When an Aurora inverter displays a W001 error message, it either means there’s insufficient light irradiating your solar modules or they are faulty.

Early mornings, late afternoons and cloudy days may simply not be bright enough for your panels to produce electricity. But, on a sunny day, the fault should disappear. If it doesn’t, please contact us to organise a service so we can investigate the issue.


Is a W001 fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Aurora inverters carry a five-year warranty. If your inverter is less than five years old, we can help you file a claim under the manufacturer warranty. We will, however, need to inspect the inverter in order to find out what’s causing it to fail.

W001 faults are usually the result of a failure in the inverter or panels, so there is little chance your household insurance will cover it.


How do I fix a W001 fault?

In order for Service My Solar to file a warranty claim in your name, you will need to send us a picture of the label located on the side of the faulty unit (showing the serial, WK and part numbers) and one of the error message displayed on the screen.

If you have questions about W001 faults in Aurora inverters or would like to arrange a system health check, please contact Service My Solar on 1300 496 278 or enquire within.


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