Grid Volt Error – Aero-Sharp inverter

What is a Grid Volt Error?

A Grid Volt Error may occur when the AC fuse blows or the AC board fails. To establish the cause of the fault, you can try replacing the AC fuse: if it blows right again, it indicates a short on the AC board, meaning the inverter is up for replacement.


Is a Grid Volt Error covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Installed in Australia between 2008 and 2011, Aero-Sharp inverters came with a 5-year warranty, which would now be expired, even for the most recent units. However, a Grid Volt Error might be claimed under domestic home insurance subject to your policy.

If your Aero-Sharp inverter is found to have a permanent Grid Volt Error, you will need to have it replaced by an accredited electrician.


How do I fix a Grid Volt Error?

We recommend booking an inverter health check with Service My Solar to have a solar technician replace the AC fuse and, if need be, the whole unit, on the same day.

If you do need to replace your faulty Aero-Sharp inverter, we will offer the Fronius Galvo as an equivalent replacement. Similar in size and topology, it is particularly suited if you are on a high feed-in tariff.

If you wish to take this opportunity to upgrade to a larger system, please note additional costs may apply as extra labour might be necessary.

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