No Utility fault – Solar King SLK inverter

What is a No Utility fault?

A No Utility fault means that your Solar King SLK inverter’s AC connection has failed. Check that the solar supply main switch situated in your meter box is on.


Is a No Utility fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Australia stopped installing Solar King SLK inverters after 2012. Since these inverters came with a 5-year warranty, they would likely be out-of-warranty by now.

To have your faulty SLK inverter repaired or replaced, call Service My Solar to organise a health check.

It might also be worth checking your household insurance policy, as some insurers cover this kind of fault.


How do I fix a No Utility fault?

To fix or replace your faulty SLK inverter, call Service My Solar to schedule a health check. We will send one of our certified electricians to visit your property and investigate your inverter fault. They will perform a full service of your PV system and make sure that:

  • All phases of the house are powered;
  • All isolators are in working condition;
  • The AC fuse is working – or replace it if it has blown (for an extra fee).

If you inverter is not repairable, you will be offered a replacement option. Our experienced technician will base their recommendation on your system’s size, the feed-in tariff you are on, and the potential rewiring needs, to present you with the most suitable solution.

To get your Solar King SLK inverter up and running again, dial 1300 496 278.


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