Isolation Fault – Solar King SLK inverter

What is an Isolation Fault?

When Solar King SLK inverters have trouble isolating the solar panels’ electricity supply, they may display an isolation fault. The first thing to do, when you get this error message, is to ensure that the solar supply main switch located in your meter box is on.


Is an Isolation Fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Solar King inverters ceased to be installed in Australia after 2012, so the 5-year warranty they came with would now be expired.

If you have an isolation fault in your SLK inverter, you should book a system health check in order to verify the origin of the fault.

Isolation faults are covered by some household insurance providers. Have a look at your policy to see what yours offers.


How do I fix an Isolation Fault?

An isolation fault may be the sign of various PV system issues, which is why you should arrange an inspection of your solar power system to determine what’s causing it. Our experienced service technicians are trained to detect water ingress in the isolators and to replace the AC fuse if need be.

If they find that the unit is not repairable, they’ll offer to replace it in one go, to avoid additional fees.

For more information or to arrange a solar health check, contact Service My Solar on 1300 496 278.


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