DC INJ HIGH fault – Solar King SLK inverter

What is a ‘DC INJ High’ fault?

Your Solar King SLK inverter will show a ‘DC INJ High’ error message when the level of DC electricity produced by your inverter is too high.


Is a ‘DC INJ High’ fault covered by my warranty or home insurance?

Most Solar King inverters are no longer covered by warranty, since they stopped being installed after 2012, and carried a 5-year warranty. If your faulty unit is still under warranty, it can be replaced, but international freight fees will apply. Otherwise, you can contact Service My Solar to arrange an inspection to get it replaced.

Unfortunately, there is little chance that this type of fault will be covered by your household insurance provider.


How do I fix a ‘DC INJ High’ fault?

When you book a service with us, our experienced electricians will verify the origin of the problem is in fact the DC INJ High fault. Most of the time, these faults cannot be fixed and an inverter replacement is necessary. According to the size of your faulty system, the feed-in tariff you are currently on, and the potential need for re-wiring, we will offer you the best option in your situation.

Give Service My Solar a call on 1300 496 278 or fill out the below form to find out more about DC INJ High faults and to schedule a Solar King SLK inverter service.


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